Venta-Trans Europe is an award-winning freight forwarder serving the freight and logistics needs of our customers throughout Europe since 2010. We work with a large base of clients throughout Europe and in numerous sectors, all requiring the high-quality and low-cost service that we provide.

Our industry-leading OTIF performance is testament to the quality and reliability of the carriers in our network, to the quality of our service and management of loads and also to our strong communication.

  • Low-cost, but high-quality service with a very personalised approach to our customers and managing their loads.
  • Low-cost solutions allow our rates to be very competitive meeting even the tightest customer budgets.
  • Our network of over 3,000 trucks provide huge flexibility to our clients even for same day or next day loading. We load and deliver all over Europe.
  • We are very flexible and can often create short term solutions to customer logistics and delivery problems.


Slovenia – 2017

Office in Koper is a very strong hub for eastern European destinations.

Poland – 2013

Kraków - The city of Polish kings. This office ships throughout East Europe and into West Europe.

The Netherlands – 2018

Our newest office & core to growth. Voted European Capital of Culture. Home to Europe’s largest port.

Russia – 2016

Offices in St.Petersburg & Samara. Covers domestic and international shipments.

Czech Republic – 2010

Our head-quarters. Manages international shipments and shipments into and around Russia

Large volume of trucks within our network

Truck/train intermodal

Award winning

0.05% claims

High service levels

Industry-leading OTIF


To provide our customers high-quality, reliable and on-time logistics solutions that are competitively priced and with a service level service level that wins us awards.


Our low staff-turnover results from training and developing, treating people with respect and rewarding them well. This shows in the experienced and professional service levels our customers see every day.


Venta-Trans Europe has a large network of trusted and thoroughly audited partners across Europe, giving us a large operational spread. We employ a strict due diligence process to select our suppliers and only those carriers passing this process can work with us. We audit and select the best operators that really care about the performance of their business. This results in great partners that; are reliable, care for their loads and project our customers’ brands in the best possible way through the delivery process.


  • Best in class service. We win awards for this.
  • Lowest quartile rates. Our rates are highly competitive. We operate in very rate-sensitive industries.
  • Industry-leading OTIF performance. We supply on time.
  • Best value for such high-quality service. Industry leading, often copied.
  • Highly trusted, reliable and very trustworthy carriers that care for the loads and do not take risks with them.
  • High and lower volume truck services.


Timely & Reliable Response

customers trust us to act and react rapidly, to solve any problems that emerge and get their materials to their destination on time and without drama.

Planning and Control

at all times allowing smooth processing and management of cargo. Timing is critical, control is paramount.

Risk Management

minimise any possible risk for customer loads & ensure the correct cover and process controls are in place if problems occur.


the best supplier is a silent supplier. Noise-free, fluid & timely processing of loads for our customers. A trustworthy & reliable partner. That is Venta-Trans.


Trucks are our core business and we have a large network that covers most places through Europe.  We mostly provide FTL services, but also provide multi-drop and intermodal services for our customers.

We have over 3,000 trucks in our trusted and audited network to safely deliver cargo for our customers.

We offer FTL services in most vehicle formats and we can carry most types of cargo, including, in some cases, hazardous and waste materials.  Although we specialise in shipping metals, we also ship for customers within many other segments, like:

  • Metals: aluminium, steel, minerals, waste aluminium
  • Building and construction
  • FMCG products
  • Consumer durables
  • Plastics and plastic raw materials
  • Chemicals and hazardous materials
  • Solar panels
  • Paper and pulp products

Most of our loads are point to point, but our multi-drop service allows delivery to multiple locations that are not too far from each other. We can also offer LTL in some cases depending on the location, although this is not our core competence. Please contact us for further details.






Can reduce harmful CO2 emissions, a big target for Venta Trans and something we take very seriously.

A great way to ship FTL freight long distances without road congestion & traffic delays. The environmentally friendly approach. A good way to reduce the carbon footprint of your loads.

Example of current intermodal:

  • Rotterdam: Trailer from warehouse loaded onto train 
  • Rotterdam -> Poland by train
  • Poland -> to final destination by truck
  • Transit time A-C or A-D


We take Quality and Health & Safety very seriously. Before we start to work with a carrier we take them through a lengthy due diligence process, which includes, in part, their commitment to the provision of quality through their business and operation. They must project the core values and high quality of service we offer to our clients so these are reflected throughout the delivery process. We often partner with smaller carriers that we know well and are guaranteed to be reliable and trustworthy, people who really care for their business and our loads. This means our customers’ cargo is always well cared for throughout the process to ensure the safety and security of the load and the drivers.

The high quality of our service and low rates have allowed us to build the business across Europe, building our client base and extending the destinations, segments we cover and cargo we carry.

We are accredited with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001


Venta-Trans Europe is insured with KRAVAG-LOGISTIC Versicherungs-AG,
with an insurance coverage of € 10 million


The Netherlands

Rotterdam is our newest office and manages loads within Western and Central Europe and is core to the growth of Venta-Trans.

– Industry-leading OTIF
– >3 000 trucks
– Customs documents
– 99.5% driver arrival accuracy
– 0.1% driver delays

Rotterdam has previously been voted as European Capital of Culture.  It is home to one of the world’s largest ports and also to 170 different nationalities.


Kraków - The city of Polish kings. Krakow is the trade center of Slavic Europe. This Eastern Europe and into Western Europe.

– Industry-leading OTIF
– >3 000 trucks
– 99.5% driver arrival accuracy
– 0.1% driver delays

One of the most vibrant commercial and cultural centers in Eastern Europe.


The city of dreams lies at the heart of Europe and is the centre of the Venta-Trans empire.

– Industry-leading OTIF
– >3 000 trucks
– 99.5% driver arrival accuracy
– 0.1% driver delays

Prague is the 4th most visited city in Europe.  It is nicknamed “the City of a Hundred Spires” and is home to the largest castle in the world.


Slovenia is very proud that one of its own holds the World record for freediving to a depth of 114m.

– Industry-leading OTIF
– >3 000 trucks
– 99.5% driver arrival accuracy
– 0.1% driver delays

Slovenia is home to the world’s highest ski jumping centre, where many world record jumps have been recorded. It is also home to the world’s steepest zip line descent.


Our offices in St.Petersburg & Samara manage logistics throughout Russia and also into Eastern Europe.

– Industry-leading OTIF
– 0.1% damage claims
– 99.5% driver arrival accuracy
– 0.1% driver delays

10% of the total area of St.Petersburg is covered with water and is often known as the North Venice.
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